ADAD - Our approach to solve the problem

Target a fast-growing micro market within a market and apply AdAd methodology

Stage 01
Aggregate & Curate

Proprietary scientific approach  to create land bank from  fragmented, distress, value  creators & capital multipliers.

Stage 02
Due diligence

Apply dual approval due  diligence from expert real-estate  law firms.

Stage 03

Monetize – Sale of land parcel

Stage 04

JD, affordable luxury villa plot  development.

Our Ecosystem - Scientific methodology

Due Diligence

Law firms, various government land records department to verify the authenticity & validity of the documents

Land Aggregation & Curation process

work through brokers, influencer & property manager network.

Checks & Balances

External  CA & Law firms are engaged  for expert advice on financial  and legal matters.

Land Conversion Process

Work through various approval department through our clearing agent network/govt officials, etc


External expert consultants, architecture & design and civil contradictors are engaged to execute the project.


In house strategy design and plan of action is laid out, some activities are handled by expert agencies. Digital marketing & Direct Sales is In-house.


B2B channel distribution is signed up to sell the stock